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September 26, 2017
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“technology is not only a tool, it improves the lives of mankind”
– Diandra, Mantis Team – The Winner of Hardware Hackathon Data for Life 2016

Essential Elements of a Smartwatch

It’s such a small thing, most of it is only 1,5 – 1,6 inches in diameters. But the small size hides a sophisticated technology that can enhance your lives.

Beyond simply being a beautiful accessory for your wrist, or telling you what time it is, a smartwatch is equipped with an array of sensors that helps understand what’s going on with your body, and this understanding can ultimately help you learn how to make your life healthier and easier. Here are some sensors you can find on your smartwatch:

  1. The UV (Ultraviolet) Sensor

Identifying the intensity of UV radiation and gives you a suggestion whether it’s safe for you to enjoy the sunlight, or whether you should apply some sunscreen.

  1. The GPS Sensor

Displaying your current position on a map, so it can tell you the best way to get to wherever you’re going.

  1. The Motion Sensor
    Detecting the movements of your body. Telling you whether you have been active enough, or whether you need to walk some more to ensure you get enough exercise every day.
  2. The ECG (Electrocardiogram) Sensor
    Assessing the electrical and muscular functions of the heart. This heart rate sensor and motion sensor can give you the information about the quality of your sleep and the health of your heart.

This device can also work smarter by working together with your smartphone, making it easier to see the valuable information it has learned, or simply reducing the time you need to pull out and check your phone as it can also display notification and info from your phone.

Smartwatch Trend in Indonesia

Currently, consumers and early adopters in Indonesia has begun to understand the value of smartwatch as something that can enhance their healthy lifestyle. The trend began to gain traction in Indonesia around early 2016 with the launch of Apple Watch, dominating the market with 40% of the market share, followed by various brands of Android Wear smartwatches.

However, instead of fully unlocking the value of the smartwatch itself, most of these early adopters simply think “it’s good to have it since it’s so trendy and cool”. Some of them have not invested the time to use the information they get from the smartwatch to optimize their daily routine.

The value that smartwatches give in optimizing your daily life and health, can be also implemented to optimize some serious business process, especially in the industrial sectors where the workers need to have their health condition In prime condition to go through complex (and sometimes dangerous) activities.

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