4 Benefits of Internet of Things (IoT)

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August 31, 2017
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September 26, 2017
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IoT – A More Convenient Life

Visit a scenario from your favorite sci-fi movies or books, imagine a future where all of your stuff can give you what you need and what you want before you even ask for it. As your morning routine starts, the bathtub fills the hot water by itself as your morning alarm goes off; the lights turn off and your door locks as you leave the home; then your vehicle drives you to work via the least congested route; and when the night comes, your home gates open automatically when you arrive home; lastly the air conditioner adjusts the temperature when you are ready for bed. You can focus on enjoying your life and not worrying about small things.

IoT – Improving Safety, Preventing Accidents

Now let’s imagine a scary scenario: You have a heart attack on your way back home, your smartwatch detects it and activates the autopilot mode on your car so it will take you directly to the nearest hospital. On the way, your cell phone can even contact the hospital, report your current conditions, and provide your medical information to help prepare a proper treatment.

IoT – Harnessing Data to Simplify Things

As you see from the stories above, science fiction fantasy is awesome. But the truth is, they are on their way to becoming a reality. We are already living in that future (yes, even the self-driving cars). IoT enables a new way for technology to enrich our lives, where smart devices that are equipped with sensors are interconnected with each other and the internet, so they can learn important information that makes it possible for them to automatically do the things you need. Whether it’s simply turning on the AC, or controlling a car without a driver.

IoT – Better decision for businesses

IoT is an amazing technology, but the value is beyond simply making your life easier. IoT also collects the most valuable resource these days, which is data. With better data collection from IoT devices, a business can make a better and more informed decision. These are the things that happen when you incorporate IoT in business:

  1. More and More Data are created

With the presence of IoT, we can acquire more from various things. As the data becomes easier to track and record, we can create the right decision based on data-based insight.

  1. Smart Devices are everywhere and they talk to each other

Automation is the future of the application of this IoT technology. Where a lot of monotonous tasks being automated and done by the machine. It can make everything happen faster, and more efficient (which means cheaper!)

  1. Time-efficiency

When data access can be easily obtained through IoT, we can track, monitor, and manage many things from anywhere in real-time.

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