Utilizing Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence Technology as a Solution for Legal Research in Indonesia

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February 5, 2017
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Dattabot partners with HukumOnline to develop HukumOnline Advanced Search, Indonesia’s first Contextual Search Engine for legal industry


Dattabot, a Data Analytics company, partners with HukumOnline as Indonesia’s leading center of legal reference to develop Indonesia’s first contextual search engine for Indonesia’s legal industry. The smart search engine, named HukumOnline Advanced Search, utilizes Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence technology to dramatically reduce the time needed to conduct legal research.

The process of legal research usually requires significant amount of time and cost from Indonesia’s legal professionals, a general digital solution such as conventional search engine will not be able to help this process. There is no contextual understanding on Indonesia’s legal system in the knowledge center of conventional search engine, resulting in irrelevant and incomplete result if someone attempts to find a relevant regulation through conventional search engine. If the search engine managed to find the relevant regulation, there is no information on whether the regulation is still valid or not. This is very important considering laws and regulation in Indonesia is continuously updated and renewed by the government, court’s decision, et cetera.

The partnership between HukumOnline and Dattabot was initiated as an effort to solve this challenge. The development of HukumOnline Advanced Search is enabled by the synergy of both company’s key strengths; HukumOnline’s comprehensive legal database and Dattabot’s AI-driven Data Analytics platform.

Dattabot uses Natural language processing to extract information from approximately 30.000 regulation documents from Indonesia’s legal system, the information is then processed to become a network-graph that can map 164.000 relations between the legal documents. All this information can be easily accessed through a Search Engine which uses Artificial Intelligence to recommend a relevant regulation based any keyword entered by the user, including non-legal terms keywords. With these features, HukumOnline Advanced Search can shorten the legal research process to merely seconds.

“We are very proud to be able to collaborate with HukumOnline as Indonesia’s leading center of legal reference, where we can leverage our technology to improve the Indonesian public’s legal literacy” said Tom Malik as the Chief Operating Officer of Dattabot

“The feature of HUKUMONLINE ADVANCED SEARCH is our way to show our commitment in serving HukumOnline’s user by utilizing the most advanced technology in our legal data center,” said Ahadi Bayutejo, Hukumonline’s Director of Business regarding this feature.

HukumOnline Advanced Search can be accessed through the following web-address http://mini.hukumonline.com/newpusatdata


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