Data For Life 2016 Aims to Shed Light on Big Data’s Potential in Advancing Humanity

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February 5, 2017
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Mediatrac, a leading Indonesia big data analytics company, will initiate a series of event named DATA FOR LIFE 2016. This series of event, which will be held from 27 to 31 August 2016 in Jakarta, is also the first step of Mediatrac’s collaborative efforts with various institutions to establish an ecosystem and enlighten the Indonesian public’s knowledge about Big Data Analytics and Internet-of-Things potential in advancing humanity.

Recently, the business sector began using Big Data Analytics to maximize their revenue, optimizing various process in the supply chain, gaining better insights, and so on. However, many people have not realized yet that beyond business application the same technology can also be used, or has already been used, for bringing tremendous impact in improving all aspects of life. For example, the utilization of Smart City system to help the government provide better public services, utilization in healthcare sector for smarter epidemic control, preventing traffic jams in Jakarta, shopping, or even empowering artists to create more interactive and interesting artworks. These are the things that will be explored through DATA FOR LIFE 2016.

The advancement and innovation in Big Data technology has potentials beyond business applications, as it can help advance humanity in general. This new technology presents an opportunity for Indonesian people to compete with developed countries as people around the world is still learning to adapt the potential of Big Data. That is why we are moved to invite various stakeholder to enlighten and inspire the Indonesian society on how we can harness these potentials in creating improvement for society.”  Said Regi Wahyu, CEO of Mediatrac, explaining the vision that drives the creation of DATA FOR LIFE 2016.

DATA FOR LIFE 2016 will feature internationally acclaimed speakers from various fields who will share insights and experiences about how data analytics plays a role in revolutionizing their respective fields, such as Marc Goodman (Cybersecurity Expert and Author of Future Crimes), Sangeet Choudary (CEO Platform Thinking Labs and Author of Platform Thinking), Sey Min (Data Visualization Artist),  Sunita Kaur (Managing Director Spotify Asia), Julie Freeman (Artist & TED Fellow), Venzha Christiawan (Artist & Founder House of Natural Fiber (HONF), and many more. This event is also a continuation of the success of Big Data Week Indonesia 2015.

The series of event in DATA FOR LIFE consists of Data for Life Conference, Sci-Fi Hardware Hackathon, Student Session, SETI Symposium, Technology & Business Workshop, and Tech-Art Exhibition. The various programs are designed to uncover the potential of Big Data for various target audiences. Starting from the Conference and Workshop which targets the business community and technology enthusiast, the Student Session which aims to provide introductory knowledge about Data Analytics to students, the Hackathon which aims to encourage the creation of applicable innovation in Internet-of-Things technology, SETI Symposium which will give a broader view of science about extraterrestrial life exploration, and Tech-Art Exhibition that will feature the magnificent artworks which are created using data and technology. Further information, schedule, and ticket reservation to each programs can be accessed at

DATA FOR LIFE 2016 is also the first strategic step of Mediatrac in establishing a collaborative technology and innovation ecosystem that can utilize data analytics as the solution to various problem in society.

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